Logicom & the Logicom Cyprus Marathon Support Karaiskakio Foundation

Logicom is proudly joining forces with the Logicom Cyprus Marathon to support the Karaiskakio Foundation, a non-profit organisation established with the sole purpose of organizing a volunteer Bone Marrow Registry. Over the years, the Karaiskakio Foundation expanded its work and organized, apart from a Bone Marrow Donor Registry, a Cord Blood Registry, an Integrated Haemato-oncology Diagnostic Centre and a Research Centre for Haematological and other malignancies. All functioning on a non-profit basis, to fulfil the clinical and diagnostic needs of the patients with leukemia and other types of cancer, especially in areas of childhood and young adults’ cancer.

The Logicom Cyprus Marathon will shine a light on the importance of the work that the Karaiskakio Foundation does for all communities in Cyprus, with a view to raising awareness and updating the Bone Marrow Donor’s Registry, assisting in the search for compatible donors for patients in need.

Mr. Stavros Kakourides, Race Director of the Logicom Cyprus Marathon, notes that, “The centuries-old sport of Marathon has always been associated with charities, and the impact it can have on both awareness, as well as, raising money for specific purposes. It is with great pleasure that in 2020 we will join efforts with Logicom, promoting the Karaiskakio Foundation vision “for a world full of children’s smiles”. Various initiatives have already been put in place to showcase Karaiskakio Foundation’s work, in addition to raising funds to support financially its research areas. Challenge yourself by running in the Logicom Cyprus Marathon and raising money for the Karaiskakio Foundation.”

Logicom's Group CFO & Deputy Managing Director, Anthoulis Papachristoforou, expressed his anticipation of the event, stating, “Sports and philanthropy go hand in hand. The Karaiskakio Foundation is doing a remarkable work, recognised both locally and internationally, and we are very honoured to offer the Marathon 2020 platform to support the Foundation in its journey for a world without leukaemia. The Logicom Running Team will be #RunningForKaraiskakio, raising money for the Foundation’s activities, and urging every other runner to join this fulfilling cause and make the experience more meaningful.”

Today a new strategic goal of the Karaiskakio Foundation, is the establishment of a state of the art “Childhood Cancer Diagnostic Centre” that will enable doctors and scientists to implement advanced targeted treatments against childhood cancer, thereby improving survival rates and minimizing treatment related collateral damage.

The President of the Board of Directors of the Karaiskakio Foundation, Dr. Popi Kanari, expressed that, “The fact that the Karaiskakio Foundation can presently accomplish many of its goals, is also due to the undivided contribution and support of those who recognize the importance and high standard of the work it has produced over the years. Together with the invaluable help from the government, its sponsors, donors and supporters such as the organizers of the Logicom Cyprus Marathon, will aim to continue helping patients in the fight against cancer.”

For more information about Karaiskakio visit: www.karaiskakio.org.cy

To register for the Logicom Cyprus Marathon visit: www.logicomcyprusmarathon.com

For more information about the Logicom Group visit: www.logicom.net