Join us at Logicom
Join us at Logicom

Why Logicom

Our core values are the underlying foundation of providing excellent service to our clients, which allows us to sustain our leadership and growth.

Equal Employment Opportunity, Diversity, Dignity and Respect for the Individual
We are committed to providing equal employment opportunities for all, regardless of their race, color, sex/gender, religion, age, marital status, disability and nationality.
Training and Development
We encourage learning and development opportunities for people to improve their performance and acquire new knowledge and skills for both current and future placements.
We Conduct our Business with Integrity and Care
We are firm to win in the marketplace, in an ethical manner and with honesty. We take responsibility for our actions by acting with integrity and honesty.
International Environment
Logicom has physical presence in more than 16 countries, employs over 800 professionals, and services customers in 30 countries in Europe, Middle East, North Africa and Asia.

The hiring process

We pride in the transparency of our recruitment and hiring process.

STEP 1: Identify

Visit our vacancies list, choose your sector, business area and country and find your suitable job post.

STEP 2: Apply

Follow the instructions to send your CV.

STEP 3: First Screening

As Job Applications arrive by email, our recruitment officers review them based on the criteria established for the specific vacancy. Unqualified applications are withdrawn from the applicant pool. Qualified candidates are informed of next steps beginning with a screening interview.

STEP 4: Interviews
Interviews are conducted in person with the hiring manager and focus on applicants’ experience, skills, work history, and availability. Additional interviews with management, staff, executives or other members of the organization will be conducted either in person or online.
STEP 5: Selection
The hiring committee confers and evaluates applicants based on the interview outcome and all other relevant information. A top choice is identified and agreed upon.
STEP 6: Offer and Acceptance
The job offer is communicated to the successful candidate with an offer letter that includes the terms and conditions of employment. Once the candidate accepts the job offer, he or she is hired.