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In partnership with global leaders, Logicom won three tenders issued by the Government of Cyprus, and is executing three separate Desalination Projects in Cyprus. These include the Design, Build, Operation and Maintenance of a desalination plant in the Limassol district; the Renovation and Operation of an existing desalination plant in Larnaca; and the Build, Operate and Remove (BOR) of a desalination plant in Moni.

The Limassol Desalination Plant, a 20-year Build Operate Transfer (BOT) project for the Government of Cyprus, is a €55M investment for Logicom. It has an initial production of 40,000m³ per day, with infrastructure in place to increase production to 60,000m³ per day in the future. The modern, state-of-the-art plant was constructed in the Episkopi area of Limassol, and is the largest of its kind in Cyprus. Its official inauguration was held at the end of 2013, in the presence of the President of Cyprus as well as other highly esteemed guests. The plant is now fully operational, having effectively passed all its delivery tests, and is set to secure the potable water supply requirements for the Limassol district for the foreseeable future. 

The Larnaca plant is a 25-year BOT project for the Government of Cyprus, and a €20M investment for Logicom. The scope of the project is to renovate and upgrade an existing desalination plant, which is set to produce 60,000m³ per day of drinking water.

The desalination plant in Moni is a Build, Operate and Remove project which expired in February 2012. It is owned by SubSea Infrastructure, a privately-owned UK company. Logicom acted as the local agent for SubSea Infrastructure in Cyprus.

Together, the desalination plants will provide drinking water to almost half a million people, ensuring that there is no shortage of water as previously experienced in Cyprus.