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Our History

Logicom began operations in 1992 quickly becoming a pioneer distributor of technology products partnering with the most prominent technology vendors such as IAdobe, APC, Autodesk, Cisco, Citrix, Commvault, HP Inc., HPE, IBM, Intel, Kingston Technology, Lenovo, Linksys, Microsoft, NetApp, Nokia, Palo Alto, Sandisk, Symantec, VMware, and WD.​  These relationships are the cornerstone of the Logicom operations working hard on applying their strategies for market development and maximising market penetration.

Logicom began expanding internationally in September 2000 with operations in the Middle East, starting with Beirut in Lebanon. Today, Logicom has offices and warehouse facilities in Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Romania, Germany, Malta, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Jordan, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, and Qatar.

At Logicom we aspire to continuously pursue the creation of value for our customers, the vendors we represent as well as our people whose drive and dedication is the cornerstone of our success.

​Logicom registered as a software training house by Mr. Varnavas Irinarchos and his partner Mr. Michael Michaelides.  Their vision was to make personal computing accessible to Cyprus businesses and homes alike.​

​After a shareholder restructuring in 1992, Mr. Irinarchos remained Logicom's sole owner and shifted the company's operations to the distribution of Information Technology products and the assembly of computer systems.​​​

​Logicom achieves its first few major distribution contracts with Intel, Cisco and Microsoft.​

Logicom going through a successful IPO, becoming one of the first technology companies of Cypriot origin listed in the Cyprus Stock Exchange.

At the same time, Logicom Group acquires eNet, a major player in the regional telecommunications market​

​Logicom expands in the region by establishing full-fledged operations in Lebanon, Jordan, Greece and the United Arab Emirates, ​making high quality, global technology products readily available to these markets.​

​The Logicom Board of Directors unanimously voted to implement the Corporate Governance Code, published by the Cyprus Stock Exchange.

Logicom adopted the code, aiming to strengthen the supervisory role of the Board, the protection of small shareholders, the adoption of full transparency and timely information, as well as ensuring adequate Board independence in decision-making.

Upgrade to the latest ISO Certification standard, adopting a quality management system which would take Logicom far into the future through efficient quality control procedures.​

​Logicom becomes a member of the FTSE CySE 20 Index and Logicom Italia is founded in Milan, Italy.​

​Logicom expands its presence into Turkey and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.​

​Logicom expands further into Eastern Europe with operations in Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary.​

​Logicom commences major activities in Desalination, expanding its major infrastructure division with a very strategic project for Cyprus and the surrounding region.​

Logicom acquires NewCytech Group, a premier business information technology company in Cyprus, delivering first class systems integration services and solutions.  Thus, Logicom becomes the major technology solutions provider in the region.​

​Logicom acquires Inteliscape, enriching its portfolio with business software solutions and systems development expertise.  As a result, Logicom becomes the largest technology company in Cyprus and the region.​

​​​Logicom sets up new subsidiaries in Iraq and Oman. ​

​​Logicom sets up subsidiaries in Kuwait and Qatar. Logicom Jordan establishes new offices and warehouse. Logicom signs partnership with Autodesk. 

​​Logicom ​forms strategic cloud partnership with ALSO, and is appointed Microsoft Cloud Solutions provider in Europe and the Middle East. Logicom helps partners and their customers embrace the Cloud with the launch of the Logicom Cloud Marketplace. ​

​​Logicom appointed IBM Cloud Solutions Provider in Europe and the Middle East.